Our Big Data analytics and Big Data evaluation tools retrieve real-time reactions of customers to commercials. They immediately see acceptance to broadcasted shows as well as listeners reactions to political and commercial information.

Within seconds, smart dashboards present marketers and producers of broadcast stations everything their advertisers need to know and allow them to react to the requests of their audiences in real-time.

From now on you can make perfect use of the fastest existing media – audio broadcasting.

Big Data services
data collection
Twitter, Facebook, Google and many others offer any information about internet users. Our tools search for any required keywords – written or as audio file – and prepare such data for immediate evaluation.
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data evaluation
More important than collecting data is to get the right information from it. Our evaluation packages based on Machine Intelligence algorithms extract everything your marketers need to know.
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Using either user-friendly dash-boards, your marketers and producers will be able to track listeners reactions and mood in real time thus giving your marketing division full overview over your audiences.
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integrated work-flow
Installed in combination with our production platforms you can immediately inform your presenters by audio or text messages about anything necessary to make your live-show an exciting event.
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