Our smart loudspeaker systems interact with video-screens, social robot choreography and all other media avoiding excessive noise in public areas and creating comfortable atmospheres for visitors and customers.

They automatically react to information about visitor flows and customer moods collected by our IoT devices, surveillance cameras or social robots.

This information is used to control visitors flow and to target information or advertisement spots to populated areas.

Our communication platforms help to create a holistic sound design significantly enhancing the visitor's experience.

smart loudspeaker networks
A narrow grid of individually addressable loudspeakers allows to create sound zones as small as one single loudspeaker for perfect ambient sound concepts. Motion sensors integrated in loudspeaker cabinets monitor local activities and trigger audio spots or navigate social robots to populated areas .
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social robot programming
Social robots enhance visitor experiences and allow to react immediately to their enquiries and expectations. Both, social robots and smart loudspeakers are connected to a data center which evaluates visitor contacts and reacts in real time to visitor demands.
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